Who ever didn’t love a good Where’s Waldo? book as a kid? Classic.

It amazes me how many things are presented to children that represent the adult world we live in today. Did you know that Fraggle Rock even makes several references to being a vegetarian and that eating meat means eating other living substances?

The point is that we are given subtle hints at very young ages to subconsciously remember different things that adults find important during growth stages. This is a form of marketing, really. Where’s Waldo? represents something that even as adults we may not put too much thought into. We have to find what stands out to us, and then share it with our network in a state of proud achievement. How many times have you used a particular company’s service or product only to find yourself ranting and raving about it to a friend or co-worker? Now remember when you were a kid, searching for Waldo amongst all the other cartoon figures, and when you found him you excitedly told your parents or siblings about your find? Is this not the same?

Everyone  knows Waldo, his memorable striped shirt, silly red and white hat and big framed black glasses. He’s very well branded. Is your company very well branded? Now, it’s one thing to be branded as well as Waldo, or the Pepsi and Macintosh companies of the world, and it’s another to simply stand for something that your audience will remember. They’re looking for you,  just like kids are looking for Waldo. Are you easily found? Or are you hiding behind your competition?

Something to think about…