Tylar Paige is an advertising professional who is passionate about all things creative. She loves inspiring others through her writing, drawing, painting, and photography.

She was taught at any early age that love equaled hurt, rejection, abandonment, and betrayal. She has spent over twenty years overcoming challenges like childhood abuse, living in her car, being married to (and divorcing) a narcissist, and briefly dating an abusive man she filed domestic violence charges against.

Ty’s life experiences led her to self-discovery and self-love that she shares in her book, F*ck You, Watch This. The author’s debut memoir takes readers through her life stories and how she began dating herself, loving herself and traveling the world solo.

Tired of choosing the wrong men, she finally chose herself.

No matter the struggles her readers have gone through, she hopes to inspire others to challenge their core beliefs, take action, love themselves and find their own happiness.

Self Love Discovery

If you’ve struggled to be single and happy on purpose, Ty’s FUWT journey will help you find yourself, figure out who you are, and love everything about yourself.


Or even just find new places and do new things to find yourself, your passions and spirit. There is no right or wrong to discovering self-love and self-worth!


Often times, we are taught as children or young adults to believe one way or another. These beliefs can be powerful as we grow up and form adult relationships. We tend to act out based on the belief. For example, I was taught that I always had to “work” on someone in order for them to love me.


We act, whether physical, verbal, emotional or otherwsie, on that belief. If you were abandoned often as a child, you might live in fear and experience anxiety if a partner doesn’t return your call. For me, my actions always leaned towards choosing men who were “projects”. I needed to fix them.


The challenge is to change your belief through self awareness and self love. To do this, you have to be in a place where you are willing to accept that your belief is not accurate. If you have routinely made poor decisions, you might feel it’s time to take a closer look at the patterns, the belief you were taught, and challenge it.

F*ck You, Watch This takes readers on Ty’s tumultuous – and hilarious – journey of choosing the wrong men, while identifying her beliefs and actions, then challenging them for her own for self-love and healing right before your eyes.

Emotional and Raw AF

Tylar has been through so much in her life, and she tells it like it is in her book. I love how she opened up the idea that we can challenge what we taught to believe and change our thoughts. So happy I found this book.

– Emily M, Indiana

I felt this. Been through a lot of BS myself.

I couldn’t stop turning pages until I was done. I was just rooting for her all the way. I love how connected I feel to her story, too, being in a abusive relationship myself. Bravo, Ty. 

Buy this one, you won't regret it

This book inspired me in so many ways. I felt for her as she was going through every stupid lie and situation, but was so happy she finally foundher way out and found freedom. Love her journey and the travels she is taking. Can’t wait to read more from her.

You F*cking Ready?


I wasn’t even hurt any more, I was just waiting for the shoe to drop. And boy, did it.

Why are you treating me like I’m disposable? I asked. I’m your wife.

I saw the three dots in the little bubble, as John typed the final line that would end it all.

You’ve earned the title of disposable.

I was enraged at the audacity of this man to tell me this most horrific fucking thing
you could ever say to a human being, even more so, your significant other.

I packed my suitcase and booked a flight to Dallas for that night, then got the fuck out of there.

Finally, for good.