Internet was launched as a private project, and quickly gained a firm foothold among the public. In its early days, technological development was limited, and web browsers were only able to display plain text. In its long journey of development, which has spanned for more than 2 decades and still continues, Internet has experienced a total face change owing to the introduction of several web technologies. Tylar Masters, a digital marketing expert, who has seen businesses grow along with the internet, says that Internet has rapidly evolved in a short span. As technologies get outdated day-by-day, she advises to update your web development knowledge with the latest technologies in the market. Here are a few latest web programming trends that can help you in developing business websites, which are keeping a pace with the latest web trends. She says that these new technologies have changed the usability and look of websites, and prove to be a strong opportunity for achieving lucrative gains in online businesses. The latest web development trends are as follows-

  • Use of HTML5 over traditional HTML

The typical HTML 4.0 was efficient in developing the websites of the past. However, people are switching to different browsers, and have been known to use different machines. This fast moving generation of people does not prefer static webpages, which are not more than online web posters. Flash technology, which was used to add dynamicity to the websites, has been known to be memory intensive, and requires special plugins. It is impossible for smaller devices to view Flash websites. So, HTML5 has been developed and actively used. It gives the effects of Flash and holds the syntax of HTML. Tylar says that it is search engine friendly, and your web content is easy to customize.

  • Use of improved CSS3

While scripting languages are used to add dynamicity to websites, the enhanced CSS3 aims to combine the display logic with action logic. One does not require an expert graphic designer to develop the smooth graphics. CSS3 comes with a wide array of features, which showcase exclusive components like rounded corners, multiple layouts, shadows and opacity, which were only possible using graphics. You can easily edit the graphics, without having to customize the original graphics.

  • Use of QR codes

Tylar says that Bookmarking is the thing of the past, and people rarely share bookmarks. People have switched to mobile devices and tablets, instead of using the bulky computers. QR Codes are revolutionary and innovative, and easily allow you to share URLs using online media as well as printed content. They are the best for business cards, newspaper, magazines, and several other digital media.

  • Use of frameworks for development

Developing websites from scratch has become a thing of the past. With the use of web frameworks like WordPress and Joomla, one is able to develop fully functional websites with crunchy graphics, all in a matter of few hours.