Our ninth year is moving along nicely, we have some fantastic new clients, and continued growth for our longstanding clients. As a creative agency in Detroit, curating digital marketing campaigns for our clients across a wide variety of industries means trust is the foundation of everything we do. Trust is not always easily given, but we like to think we make a compelling case for giving it to us. It can be scary to hand over your company’s brand and message to an external agency, however, we’ve got a few reasons why putting a little faith in us as a creative agency pays out big-time. We are not marketing for you. You’re the client and we wouldn’t be successful without your success. That’s why we do not create marketing for you. We create marketing for your target audience, your customers, your potential clients. Nobody knows your target audience better than you, so we work with you to understand your goals and initiatives, then collaborate on the broader knowledge of how people emotionally connect with your brand. This might affect the way everything is presented, it might even alter the tone or vision you had in mind. Just because you’ve always done something one particular way doesn’t mean you should rule out the range of possibilities to see results that lead to newfound awareness. And trust us, it’s what we do. We have perspective. The best benefit of working with an external agency is the ever-changing adaptation of a wide variety of businesses. We have to get inside the heads of all kinds of people – business targets and consumer targets. This is not our first barbeque. Our perspective is unique in that it embraces the mindset of not only your target audience, but the analytics and proven statistics of the audiences of your competitors. Basically, we see it all.  We are on the outside. Believe it or not, you’re so close to your industry that you can feel the back hair of your competitors against your arm. That makes you good at what you do! But, consider that you might actually be too close to really grasp the changes amongst the terrain and how to align marketing efforts to lap your competitors. What you may find exciting might actually be lost to a new audience. The saying goes, “if you confuse, you lose.” Same on the flip side, what you may deem old and unworthy might be terribly thrilling to a new audience. A keen set of eyes will provide results through angles you may not have ever noticed at all. We know how to collaborate on big ideas. Everybody wants their major impact marketing moment, but three meetings and gallons of coffee later, that big idea has been castrated by five levels of committees and employees’ opinions. The end result is something safe, predictable and… fine, I guess. But if you have only one person at your company as the key point of contact for the marketing initiatives, the vision and courage to sign off on something is a much easier and much more affordable option. It streamlines the process, much like I am sure your organization has implemented in its internal processes. You also end up taking advantage of our cross-channel capabilities to pinpoint trends and push your message into the pulse of conversation. But, you have to trust us. We know you are driven by numbers, we get that because in the end, so are we. But today’s competitive market is just as driven by creativity and innovation. We know that innovation is a term that is constantly up for grabs, and it takes a genius level of ambidexterity to achieve great marketing. Creativity can be very subjective, so it’s important that we sit down at the start of a project and agree on what success looks like to you. Who are we trying to attract, what is your brand story, and what do we want your audience to do? From there, if you trust us, the numbers don’t lie.