Colors have always added spice to the world. It’s the designs which add meaning to them. Each color talks a lot. When combined with a design, the colors become precise. From old age, designs have fascinated the eyes and minds of humankind. Creativity is the key and source of good designs, and all great designs are born in the minds of artists. Tylar and Co., which deals with Web designing, says that designs play a vital role in the creation of attractive websites. However, a single design trend does not remain favorable in the market for a long time. All designs are known to fall in a certain category, and trends are set, based on these design categories.

Tylar and Co. say that the world has moved from typical canvas to the electronic LED screens. For creating designs, one does not require physical resources and time like before. By selecting a paint application on your computer, you can come up with beautiful designs in a matter of hours. Based on this technological revolution, Tylar and Co, has been able to identify the following graphic designing trends. These trends will help you to make catchy websites to stay in competition with the other website owners. The trends are as follows.

  • Flat Designs

Flat designs are known for their simplistic view, which is different from the previous trend of using 3D graphics. Flat graphics help to represent the information boldly and clearly, and give the website a refined look. In flat designs, shadows, bevels and textures are purposefully not used. Instead, the whole layout is made to look 2D and distinct. These designs are known to be print friendly, and the use of bold colors makes them more appealing. Flat designs have been popularly used in the currently trending ‘Metro’ theme.

  • Typographical contrast

With flat design in actions, Tylar and Co. says that only the text is left to be styled. Wavy fonts are the things of the past as they do not appeal the contemporary online public. Emphases on the true-type fonts make the designs more executive and placid. To maintain high levels of creativity and impression, artists have now switched to use a paint brush styled fonts. The fonts created by paint brush are known for the contrasting empty places in between. They give a great artistic illusion of originality and modern art.

  • Use of playful shapes

Use of different shapes and structures to create artistic shapes is the latest trend in designing. Play with these shapes and metallic colors, and see great designs created out of randomness. Tylar and Co. say that you can use playful shapes to design executive documents, presentations and websites. These shapes can create positive brand expression for your website easily.