Internet has flourished rapidly, ever since its inception in the early nineties. Computers are evolving at a fast pace, and several technological advances and innovations are taking place in the internet world. As technical architectures evolve with time, a new window for emerging websites has opened up. Tylar and Co., which deals in digital marketing and website designing, says that thousands of websites get registered on the internet every day, and several businesses have taken the approach of moving online. So, the competition to survive the market is tough, and several new SEO strategies are evolving.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is necessary to increase the visibility of websites over the internet. Without a dedicated SEO strategy, one cannot make an appearance on the internet. Several SEO strategies have emerged with time, and they are related to different search engines or portals. As search engines continue to expand around the world and internet keeps on growing every day, the SEO strategies need to be modified. The digital marketing experts at Tylar and Co. say that certain SEO practices, which were prominent before, have subsided and using them will spoil the online reputation of your website. Here are a few practices, which you need to remove from your SEO strategy.

  •  Stop using article submission for Link Building

Article submission is one of the biggest tools for SEO, and Ezine articles are famous for submitting articles. However, the latest search engine updates, for instance the Panda Update of Google, do not consider the links from this website. So, one cannot build quick links with Article Submission, and one has to put in more man hours for building quality links to the website.

  • Avoid using Press Release as a replacement of Article submission

People, who understand the working of the latest Google Panda update, will surely think of using the Press release as a link building tool. However, most of the websites have no news to share and making press releases will definitely not work well for these websites. There are no shortcuts to link building; only submit a press release if the company does something newsworthy.

  • Give up Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking was the best in the past for getting quick ranking in SEO. However, the new search engine algorithms are putting a toll on websites who use reciprocal linking for active link building. Search engines do not find this kind of linking favorable for internet visitors, in order to get better access to several websites.

  • Avoid using thin content

Avoid using the content marketing strategy too much. Tylar and Co. say that redundant content is useless in attracting visitors to your website. Stop spinning the same content again and again, as it will drop down the interest of visitors.