The following takes place in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX and might be disturbing to some readers.

Why have I decided to share my story?

Several reasons, really. And trust me I have gone back and forth with this decision, but I am stronger than the girl who felt imprisoned inside her apartment complex for months. I’m free now, moving forward and leveling up in life. And part of my journey to healing and growing, is sharing my story.

This is the truth, and it needs to be told, it needs to be heard, it needs to be known. Not just for me, but for the other women he has physically, emotionally, verbally, and mentally abused. They know who they are, we have become friends and we have shared our horror stories with this same monster. While he might be running around spreading lies with his insistent charm and good looks, here is the truth you sought after.

Here is what happened.

The first 2 months were great. Everyone, including and especially me, thought he was wonderful.

My lease was up at the end of December, and although we had only been dating a couple months, he had love bombed me to the point I thought he may eventually be ‘the one’. Plus, Michigan COVID restrictions had me quarantined and so depressed and lonely, I felt like moving out of state was a good idea for my own well-being. He had flown up to Detroit to drive down with me. Everything seemed perfect.

But then, the night before I moved, he forced me to have sex with him. It wasn’t rape, I consented. But I had said no several times first. I was tired and just didn’t want to, I didn’t have the desire or energy. Plus, we had already had sex a few times since the day before. I instantly felt in my gut that I was making a huge mistake to move. But I had already committed, and maybe this was just an isolated incident.

About 2 weeks later, around the first week of January, I found out from his sister-in-law that he’d lied to me about why he and his ex-fiancée had split. He said it was over a disagreement about buying a house. The truth is – he’d been convicted of aggravated assault on her. The things she accused him of were very serious, and of course he lied and told me he didn’t do it at all. He said he had evidence that she’d simply made it up. I took a massive step back, and with all his insecurities, he could tell. He began love bombing me even worse. Just to manipulate me and try to make me feel like he was the victim in that situation. It was sketchy and I wasn’t convinced. But I had no one there where I was – except him. So, I tried to stick it out. Mind you we were not even 3 months into the relationship.

 Then, we went out with his family one night in mid-January. The girls (his cousin and sister-in-law) and I went outside for about 30 minutes, chatting it up and having some girl time. I get angry texts from him (he’s just inside), saying I’m inconsiderate and he’s leaving me there, etc. I was baffled. I mean, I’m just outside and I’m talking to HIS FAMILY! Not another guy, the girls. I catch up with him inside and he’s yelling at me at the bar telling me “There are plenty of other girls in here” (for him). He put his hand up to my face (his hand brushed my nose) and walked away. That was the first true sign of his aggression.

Fights were insane. I caught him going through my MacBook, but he lied about it. The fight that ensued over this was a solid two-day fiasco where he called me names and screamed at me. He was adamant that he was telling me the truth. I’m smart AF, so I pulled the system records in my Mac and caught him red handed. He finally admitted the truth. He did go through my Mac. He went through my Facebook messages and my browser history.

 One night at a bar, I stepped out to the patio and an older gentleman was politely talking to me. When we left, he asked me if I got his number. He was angry and accusing me of nonsense. It was at that same bar, another night a month later, everyone there saw him aggressively grab my arm, yell at me, and pull me to leave. I have testimonies from these witnesses, as they are now friends of mine.

So now it’s February 7, just a little over 3 months into the relationship. I had friends visiting for the weekend. We’re getting ready to go out, so my friend and I are in my bathroom doing our makeup. He was in the next room eavesdropping (a common theme, as I’d caught him listening to my phone conversations several times). Later, he asks me what I said to her… something like “he has no idea”. I don’t know. I didn’t realize I was going to be on trial about an insignificant chat with my friend. So, I asked her if she knows or recalls me saying that to her. He blew up at me for asking her. I’ve still got the texts.

 Later back at home, he pulls me into the bathroom and begins to scream at me. With his FACE ON MY FACE. He then put his hand over my face, and even pushed my face back with his hand on my nose. He then exploded a can of beer on my face. In fact, the picture that was on the wall in the bathroom still had beer stains on it. I hadn’t wiped it off.

I told him to leave. And my friends told him too. He said he was sorry, and he didn’t mean it (of course). I have those texts too, where he flat out admitted to touching me. Now I know I have to get out of this relationship, but I feared how to do this without angering him more. He even threatened to commit suicide a few times if I left him (to me and/or his family).

 He agreed to get help, go to therapy, and work on himself. I was so hurt, I felt empty. I wanted him to get help, I wanted him to be the good guy he’d pretended to be because that first guy was a great guy. But that guy wasn’t real. I even sent him articles about how to stop being abusive to your partner, to which he thanked me for sharing (because he knew what he had done). I also had a few text conversations with his sister-in-law, which I have saved. He admitted everything to her, except he told her that he was trying to walk away when he put his hand up, and I ‘ran into’ his hand with my nose. That is not what happened at all. When I came out of the bathroom, I was drenched in beer, my eyes were watering, and my nose was stinging. My friends saw me. I did not do that to myself.

Over the next month, he was calmer. Although things still happened. He hid my phone from me on multiple occasions. He sat outside my apartment up on a hill parked in his car, watching my every move, for 6 hours. All while he was texting me telling me he was at work. I have photos.

I went out of town one weekend in early March, and while I was gone, he discovered my security camera. Which, by the way, was out in the open sitting on my work desk. Not hidden at all. The footage I have from that time is so disturbing, I have to wait until court to share it. His behavior on camera was nothing short of psychotic. I only pulled that footage after he began questioning me about the camera. I thought it was strange that someone would be so concerned about an in-home camera. I keep an eye on my dog with it, and it’s there in case someone ever breaks into my home. He acted as if having a camera was unusual when it’s quite common.


Then, I took another trip out of town for a funeral just a couple weeks later. I also ended up interviewing for a job and accepting a job offer in Dallas. When I called to tell him, he went absolutely insane. It’s all on my security camera. This clip I have of him literally going off (to himself) about me being a selfish bitch, a narcissist, inconsiderate, and just outlandishly talking to no one. Wait, he did talk to my dog, referring to me as “mommy” saying things like “mommy’s a bitch, she said I am moving to Dallas, not WE are moving to Dallas. She doesn’t even think about ME.” No, I was not thinking about him, this was MY career choice. Plus I was trying to get away from him.

Not even 10 minutes later, he’s calling his corporate office asking to be relocated… to Dallas.


My friend I was with in Dallas urged me to save the security camera footage, so I did. And I am so glad I did. It was very disturbing how he is going off about me, then called me being all sweet to me, telling me he loved me. He even texted me that day “I LOVE YOU” one letter at a time…

I was just boarding my flight at that time and was talking to the person next to me. So, I didn’t reply right away, and he angrily text me back-to-back because I didn’t reply fast enough.

I called him out on what I saw on the camera footage, and broke up with him the next day, on March 16th. I kept things as amicable as possible for fear he’d turn into the monster he really is inside. Part of me still hoped he’d work on himself and change, too. So, we stayed friends as I packed up and moved away. We had an idea that perhaps things could work out in the future if he’d get the help he needs.

He got the job transfer and now he’s moving to Dallas. I told him multiple times DO NOT MOVE TO DALLAS FOR ME. He told me he’s always wanted to live in Dallas, and he has friends and family there, too. Alright, I guess. I felt very uncomfortable and deep down I knew we would not have a future together. But the part of me that feared him was confused by the feelings of hope for him to change. So, I stayed his friend while he moved to Dallas.

By the end of April, he moved to Dallas. We hung out a few times, going to the two usual places I (used to) frequent – Chill Bar in Lewisville, and Hebron Station in Lewisville. I even introduced him to a handful of my friends. 

May 15, we’re out together. I saw the anger in his eyes all day. I asked him several times if we should go separate ways that day and reconvene the next day. Nope. He was determined to be together that day and night. Multiple mean comments under his breath at me, stabs at me for talking to friends, yeah… it was coming. I could see it and feel it. I even called my best friend at 9:36 pm while he was inside the gas station- for 2 minutes. I told her I felt I was in danger, and I knew something was going to happen. She said she’d keep her phone on no matter what. I hung up fast as he came out – and deleted the call from my log (he went through my phone constantly).

We go to my place, and I tell him we should stay in. Or he could go home. Nope. He wants to go back out. So, we do. We’re at a restaurant nearby, at the bar, and he’s talking sports with a few guys next to us. While he goes to the bathroom, I’m talking with the guys too. I told one of them that I was nervous about his temper, and I even left my credit card with the bartender on purpose, so she’d know who I was. I said, if I don’t come back for this tomorrow, take note of my name.

I said “shhhh” to one of the guys right as he had returned from the bathroom. And I got caught. He created a scene with me and the guys, and then we left. I put my purse in the car and asked him to get an Uber while I stood next to my car. He refused.

So now we were back at my place. I can’t find my phone. He’s screaming at me about the “shhhh” incident and of course I’m telling him it was nothing. He thought I was flirting with the guy. He then grabs my security camera, unplugs it, and throws it. I didn’t see where he threw it but he told me he threw it. I was scared to death. I asked him to leave so many times I couldn’t count.


At one point he even stood next to several glass awards I’ve won, which are heavy and have a spear shaped point. He grabbed one and screamed at me that I’m a piece of shit who needs to display them to remind myself I’m a piece of shit. I feared he was going to throw it at me or hit me with it.

He threw keys and his watch at me when I was in my bedroom trying to hide out. I have evidence of that too, photos of my key fob broken in pieces under the bed and on the window frame. Eventually I come back out to the living room, trying to defend myself, and it happened.

 He put his hand over my face forcefully, then put his face on my face forcefully, screaming at me. I asked him to back up. He wouldn’t. Instead, he used both of his hands to push me backward. I hit the wooden frame of my couch hard and hit the floor. Instantly I’m crying out loud and telling him he hurt me, and to get out.

He immediately starts to apologize and begs me not to call the police. He gets his stuff together and leaves. It’s 4:15 am. My neighbor downstairs is sitting outside and sees him leave – and sees the anger in him. In fact, she heard everything, including me screaming at him that he hurt me right after she heard me hit the floor. She has already given a statement about what happened and everything she heard that night. It’s damning evidence, in addition to all the other damning evidence I’ve collected since January.

After a few minutes, I stood up. I’m in pain. I still couldn’t find my phone. I grab my MacBook and start calling my 4 closest friends, one by one. One of them answered but couldn’t make out what I was saying. My best friend answered (the one I had previously talked to at 9:36) and she didn’t even need to make out what I was saying, she knew I was hurt, and was on her way over. I used the ‘find my phone’ app on my MacBook and it turns out – my phone is in my car. It was between the seat and console… interesting. I already knew he’d hidden it from me. But when I asked him via text, he said he didn’t know where it was. Then he said he saw it in my bedroom where my purse was. Funny, my purse was never in my bedroom. I also text and asked him where my security camera was. He said he didn’t know, he doesn’t remember.

My 2 friends showed up. They’d never seen me like this. It’s morning now. The knot on my back is getting bigger and I realize how bad it hurt to even sit down or sit back. For the next 2 weeks or so, it hurt to sit in my car or sit back on the couch. I have photos of the bruising and softball size knot that took nearly 3 weeks to heal.

He texts me later that day, asking me to mail him his watch and some clothes he’d left behind. The audacity. I had one goal, and that was to get him to admit to throwing my security camera off my balcony (which I did get that admission over text, thankfully). Then I told him to never contact me again.

But obsession doesn’t just end like that. So here we go, on to the lying, manipulating, stalking, and harassing.

One day later, he is texting me. I ignore it. The next day, I started hearing things circulating through my social circle… apparently, he had been hanging out at those two places, Chill and Hebron, every day. The two places I introduced HIM to a couple times. Mind you, he had only lived in Dallas for about two weeks. I’d been a Dallas resident before in 2018 and 2019, so I had a long-established history of frequenting these places with my good friends. Also, remember, he said he had friends and family in Dallas… so why is he going to these two places he knows I went often? These places that are 25+ minutes from where he lives? Here are some of the lies I heard he had been telling people I know:

“Oh, she just fell” 

“Well, maybe I blacked out”

“I don’t remember, I blacked out”

“I didn’t HIT her” (almost sounding like an admission he did ‘something’ just not an actual hit.)

“She left her phone in the car” (how did he know where my phone was, hmmm… considering I never told him where I found it – yet he told me over text he saw it in my bedroom)

“I got her fired from her job” (untrue, I resigned and have plenty of evidence that I resigned)

I sent him a text and politely ask him to leave me and my friends alone. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to sit down through an interview for my dream job. I was uncomfortable and under confident thanks to what he had just done to me. I mean, how could I have let this happen? I’m so much smarter than that. I love myself more than that. Did I really have this idea or slice of hope that he would change? My God, he already had a felony conviction for this exact same thing.

Four days post-assault, he texted me telling me he misses me, he is sorry, and he hopes we can be friends one day. I ignored it.

 Five days post-assault, he texted me with a screenshot of a dating profile I had literally JUST created a few hours beforehand (part of me was curious what the dating world looked like, another part of me was curious HOW LONG it would take him to find it and act out, given his obsessive, possessive, and insecure behavior). He included some nasty comment in the text. I ignored it.

Six days post-assault (it’s now Saturday, May 22). I got a message from a tall, handsome guy on the dating app. His name is Blake Fallon. He is 42 years old, lives a mile from me, does not want kids, and is a diehard Carolina Panthers fan. So basically, this guy is my dream man. Really… really? He must think I am really, really stupid. But I entertained the messaging for a few hours, all whilst knowing it was him. Eventually, “Blake” asks me where I plan to go that evening and asks to meet up. He even gives me a phone number to text him. That is when I cut off communication… but I went back a couple hours later and looked, and I am glad I did. He had sent me ANOTHER number, and apologized that the first number he gave me was wrong. He was sending me a phone number of a guy I actually KNOW. So, it was not difficult to identify the number and its owner. And how obvious it was that it was him trying to impersonate someone else to deceive and stalk me and pin down a location for where I would be. His message to me when I called him out was “haha, this was fun while it lasted! Hope we can be friends soon.” My message back to him was that this is stalking, harassment and psychotic behavior, and that I had already been physically abused by him – and this is now mental abuse. I informed him I would be calling the police.

The profile was gone within minutes. But I have all the information via a subpoena to the dating app company. (Did you know it is a crime to impersonate someone online with the intent to deceive another person?)

That same day, I filed a report and pressed charges for aggravated assault, domestic violence. The officer also suggested I get a protection order, as well as file a report for the first incident in Atlanta back in February. So, I did that too.

Over the next five months, let me just break it down with a timeline so it’s easier to keep track of what I have been dealing with… these are all incidents my detective suggested I take note of (as well as photos, screenshots, etc.) since they will speak to character and patterned behavior (along with the exceptionally disturbing security camera footage).

Before I blocked him, I saw he had posted to his social media about me. A lot of indirect jabs, or direct jabs, comments, deleting comments, editing comments. His level of paranoia is so high… He has also continuously tried ADDING my friends, while I am REMOVING and blocking his friends and family, as well as anyone I ever knew through him. He has even had a few of his friends try to add me, people I don’t even know. I have even removed people I once considered a friend, if they had any association with him at all.

 Even the managers at Chill Bar, who know exactly what happened, didn’t care enough about me or my safety… and they’ve befriended him. I stopped going there, and honestly, it made me realize just what kind of trash that place is. It’s funny, it’s like he is just trying to be me. But never once did I aspire to be tagged in Facebook posts by a freaking BAR. While it was once a cool spot for my girlfriends and I to grab happy hour drinks, I’m quite happy not to be associated with that filth anymore.

5/21 (the Friday right before I filed charges) – He approached my friend who was with me the morning of the incident and tried to buy her a drink and talk to her. She told him to leave her alone and go away, that she knew what he had done to me. He told her “I didn’t hit her, I blacked out.”

 5/25 – He was watching me at my friend’s apartment complex, and later told a male friend of mine that I was his girl.

 5/27 – He tried to say hi to one of my friends and was told to go away and that they’re not friends (in front of multiple people).

5/28 – He was at the same place I was and sent beers to my table. I refused them.

 5/29 – He was at the same place I was (again) and was watching me all night. One of my friends saw him looking high and low for me whenever I moved out of his direct sight.

5/30 – He was at the same place I was (again) and was texting my friend(s) about a social media post I had made.

5/30 – His friend (I was friends with at the time) posted about me (indirectly, but the comment he made on the post made it clear it was direct).

5/30 – He was stalking my Snapchat profile (I posted two, I hadn’t posted in months).

6/1 – Found out through friends he is having a relationship with a girl I know.

6/2 – Warrant for his arrest is issued. Had his new girlfriend called the police when he was getting the call, she lied for him. She got caught. (I have since spoken with this girl, recently, and was given a lot of great information. I was never upset with her; my heart broke for her and how he was using her).

6/5 – He is aware there is a warrant for his arrest out, so he is using anyone he can to avoid getting arrested. Someone was a messenger for him and told him any time I was anywhere. Around 7:00 PM this evening, he left Chill Bar as soon as I showed up and went straight to Hebron.

6/13 – I reached out to his ex-fiancée who has a felony conviction against him (more on this below). HER PODCAST IS BONE CHILLING. I suggest you take a listen. Start right at the 11:00 minute mark and listen for 15 – 20 minutes.

 6/8- He was arrested and out on bond within hours. Two hours later, he was at Chill Bar. Still with the same girl, using her to stay close to my circle.

6/9 – He actually reached out to my ex-husband and posted to Facebook about it, calling this a “game” and it is “chess, not checkers” (my ex-husband wants nothing to do with this).

 6/26- After taking time off from going anywhere, and feeling imprisoned due to his behavior, I finally went out one night. He is there. And he is now with a different girl.

 7/1 – A Facebook picture with the new girl (Jaclyn) is sent to me. One of HIS buddies back in Atlanta saw it and included a message that read “next victim 😢”. This made me realize even his friends know.

 7/1 – 7/7- Approached several of my friends – trying to buy them drinks or talk to them – while out every night that week. All my friends asked him to go away and stay away (from what I was told). One of my good friends deleted him from Facebook and received a phone call within an hour from him. So, he isn’t just close watching me, he is close watching my friends, too.

 7/13 – He signed the protection order. No court hearing, phew.

 7/15 – He had someone watching me and my girlfriends at happy hour. One of my friends was pulled over when she left, and the officer told her that he had been “tipped off” with her vehicle details, license plate and how long she had been at the bar. She was fine, none of us drank much.

 7/24 – One of his friends walked up behind me at a concert, breathing down my neck. He leaned into my ear and said “I recognize you” to which I immediately stopped breathing and clammed up when I saw who it was. This is one of the guys he had tried to get to add me to Facebook. He got kicked out of the concert. 

7/25 – I opened my Prime Video to watch a movie, and he had hacked into my Amazon and CREATED A PROFILE. (Feels like the shit horror movies are made of). Seeing his name on my TV sent chills through me. No one has EVER had a profile on my prime video account, ever. So it wasn’t some glitch… even with a protection order, and a new girlfriend, he is trying to stay in my psyche. I took photos, changed my password and reported it. 

7/25 – He had someone watching me where I was at, and showed up 10 minutes later (a friend texted me as soon as I left that he had showed up). 

So as you can see, it was time for me to move and start a new life. There was no way I was ever going to feel safe living 30 minutes from him, and having to deal with this everywhere I went. Even in the peace and quiet of my own home, there he was – his name on my TV. So I moved to South Florida.


9/21 – I am sitting on my balcony at my new home (in Florida, that’s right, I moved across the country to get away from him and start a new job). What is that flying up to my balcony from across the treetops? A DRONE. It hovered over my balcony for 5-10 minutes, then flew back away over the treetops. Could be a coincidence. Likely not. Of the 700 apartments here in my complex, this drone flew straight to mine? Hmm.  

10/6 – One of his friends from Dallas sent me a text message asking me about Florida. Do you think I am stupid enough to confirm where I live to your fucking friend?

About a month ago, I spoke with the first girl he was involved with (and using) in my social circle in Dallas… She has since been replaced but felt hurt by his actions. She’s doing much better now and realizes she dodged a bomb. So it was a good time to talk with her. I found out a lot of things that were even more disturbing.

He bragged about using my toll tag (also a crime)

He used her car while the warrant was out

He left his dog at her apartment and stayed with her to avoid the police

He refused to sleep with her (which verifies he was using her)

A few other things that happened during the course of the relationship: 

He was sexually aggressive often, he didn’t like NO. He was forceful with sex multiple times.

He would get mad if I didn’t reply to his social media comments or post about him. 

He would get mad at me if I didn’t want to spend time with him or stay in bed in the morning cuddling or having sex with him.

He would stalk my social media, check my messages, and he even watched my Snapchat score and accused me and questioned me about it.

In early December of 2020, I went with him to a family mini-vacation in the mountains. Something was way off. Like, way off. His relationship with his mom was very strange. They were all over each other in the hot tub, and it made me so uncomfortable, I even had to call my friend who has a son to ask if it was normal. I mean, maybe I just grew up in a family that didn’t touch each other. 

Another incident with his mom was at Christmas. I clammed up after seeing them touching each other so inappropriately, I didn’t want him touching me after he had touched his mom like that. AT THE DINNER TABLE. Something very weird and awkward, but I confronted him about it. I had to. His reply to me was that he just loved his mom, she was so good to him while he was growing up, he likes to make sure she feels loved while she is still alive. It took me some time to digest that information, or well, believe it I guess. After hearing about what his ex-fiancee went through with him and his mom, and in my opinion, there is something way deeper happening there. I can’t say for sure what, but that is my belief. 

I’ve developed a friendship with his ex-fiancée. We even met in person once while she was on a layover in Dallas. The details of her story (if you listened to the podcast I shared above) are so scary, I actually feel lucky I didn’t stay with him longer or dismiss his physical abuse. I understand why she chose to stay with him, she wanted him to change, and she wanted the Lifetime love story of being with someone who changes for her. She is a lot like me, she is an empath and felt pain and sorrow for him.

One thing that an ex of his told me was about how his mom would intervene in their fights and stroke his face, saying things like “come back to me, baby boy, Jesus is with you.” This is because he turns into this enraged monster whose eyes would literally change color. I saw it happen too, several times. In fact, his mug shot is creepy because his eyes don’t even look real. And that guy I used to think was so good looking, is horribly ugly to me now. 

I’ve been in touch with another ex of his, too. She has told me horror stories of him tracking her phone, pulling a gun on her, biting her, hitting her, smashing her face against a windshield. 

It is my belief, after everything I have been through, that Brett Brockman has a dangerous monster living inside him. People can choose to believe his lies and only see his charm. But I feel confident that he will be punished one day, hopefully before he seriously harms another woman – or her children. Especially with the overwhelming amount of evidence I have.

But know this: a truly good person does not have to try so hard to look like a good person. 


F*ck You Watch This

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