When we meet with prospective clients, we often hear a common complaint that their competitors’ websites all look the same. We live in an era of cookie cutter – take GoDaddy, Wix, 1and1 or Vistaprint, for example… Each of these website design solutions are cut and dry. They’re very easy to spot as well, since the majority of our audiences can identify what makes a website ‘good’ and what makes a website ‘poor’. In fact, 75% of consumers admit that they judge a business’ credibility based on their website design! The funny thing is – we know of several huge design agencies that only target one specific industry, and they’re banking big time. Without naming names, most prestigious law firms have websites that look exactly the same, all at the hands of one website design agency that claims to be the best in the law industry. Wait. How does that work exactly? Let’s back up. If I cook the best pizza because I have the best recipe, and I go out and convince my network my pizza is the best… and then they research my credibility only to find that my recipe is exactly the same as every other pizza. Umm, that doesn’t set my pizza apart much, does it? And it certainly doesn’t make my pizza the best… my recipe is the same as my competitors’ pizzas! If you’re using the same design agency as every other business in your industry, how will you set yourself apart? What’s unique about you and your business should be expressed on your website through unique design and content. Ditch the cookie cutter and start working with an agency that helps you find the right recipe for the DOUGH… pun intended!