The internet was born in the early nineties and was an outcome of a secret military project. This secret soon took over the world in a matter of two decades. The internet has we knew then, was just limited to static text displayed on the web browsers. In its long journey of two decades, the internet has evolved widely and has achieved dynamicity. The dynamic nature of the internet and the website is possible due to the use of programming languages. While several programming languages exist in the market, Tylar and Co. which is an expert in the domain of digital marketing and web designing, says that only a few have managed to hold a strong grip.

The popularity of the web programming languages is based on its ease of implementation, and the versatility it offers with the web browsers. Programming languages have come into existence, way before the inception of the internet and have been evolving with time. For any programming language to be used for the web technologies, it should first pass a few tests of reliability, changeability, and maintainability. However, for emerging businesses, it is very difficult to invest resources in determining the feasibility of programming languages. Tylar and Co. say that it is advisable to follow the latest trends in the internet, and use the same web technologies for the development of business website.

Tylar and Co. mention that all the popular trends of the use of programming languages are determined by the popular websites, which use these languages. For instance, Google has a long history of using Javascript and AJAX actively. Based on that, it has been developing several frameworks to manage the presentation logic of websites. On the other hand, Flash has been used by popular video portals like YoutTube and Vimeo. Flash can be a vital tool if your business website has numerous video presentations and interviews.

To manage the backend working of the websites, typical programming languages are used. Google and several other websites continue to use the famous C, C++ and Java for its backend while popular social networks like Facebook have been known to use PHP and Python. Many big companies and search portals like Bing use the proprietary ASP.NET. The development using this technology is largely dependent on the updates provided by Microsoft.

With browsers becoming more versatile, Tylar and Co. says that people are now switching to Ruby on Rails (ROR) and Scala for designing the complete websites. Flash is slowly losing its impact as the revolutionary HTML5 and CSS3 are fast replacing it. On the data management end, many businesses use the popular MySQL database.

Amid of all these, Tylar and Co. say that PHP and JAVA continue to keep stronghold on the market, and using them for designing the website is advisable. With several open source technologies rising, trend of using frameworks has emerged.