The web designing industry has flourished greatly after the inception of internet in the early nineties. The internet, as we know today, was limited to a private network of few military computers only. Once it was made public, it has become available to all parts of the world. Tylar and Co., which deals with digital marketing and web designing, says that the internet continues to grow, and every day several new websites get registered with it. Websites, which were only colored pages filled with static text, have now being transformed into interactive web applications.
Tylar and Co. states that graphic designs play a key role in developing fascinating websites. ‘Pictures speak louder than words’, following this saying; one should keep their website updated with the latest graphic trends. Only the latest graphic trends help to attract numerous people on the website. Here are a few latest web designing trends, which you should look out for in the fall of 2013. The trends are as follows.

  • Check out on Skeumorphism, welcome the new flat designs

Skeumorphism received a warm welcome, after the launch of iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. However, people find the rounded designs old and are now switching to simpler things. Windows has already launched its Metro theme, and the world is quickly embracing flat designs. Tylar and Co. says that you should get rid of the curves, and 3D graphics, and should welcome the new age flat graphics for websites.

  • Use of bold colors and geometric icons

The world is moving at a rapid pace, and the internet is just adding momentum to its speed. People now want fast loading websites, which are simple and attractive. Also, the launch of metro theme has given them the new outlook of bold colors. Light and gaudy colors are widely disliked by today’s online crowd as they now favor the deep, flat colors. Similarly, all the fancy shapes of the past are not attracting the people, and they now prefer simple square or round icons to point links or menu items. Tylar and Co. says that by redesigning your website with the new style, you will surely attract more crowd.

  •  Use of large images and whitespace

Gone are the days when you needed to add a dedicated background to your website. Background makes a website look like a confined canvas, where all things are packed close. Today, designers are using ample of white space to give the spatial effect. Along with white space, large icons and images are actively being used. They help in putting the business slogan or title effectively on the website, and help in readily catching the attention of the visitors.

These are a few tips in web designing that you should follow to stay abreast with the online crowd.