For marketing a product, you need to spread a message about it. People will not buy a product or a service, unless they know about it. To inform people about the product, and to promote it around, you need advertising. Advertising is a single sided communication technique, used actively in the field of marketing. It can be used to promote the products by persuading the audience to buy them. Advertising sector has always demanded creativity for presenting products and services to people in an impressive manner. Tylar Master, who is an expert in digital marketing, says that Advertising trends keep changing at a rapid pace, and one needs to stay updated with them for devising excellent marketing strategy. Tylar Masters says that very few advertising trends are gaining firm grip in the rapidly changing world, which is connected by Internet. Based on the latest studies and observations, here are a few advertising trends, which she presents below. By following them, you can attract a new audience for your business, and improve the sales relatively. The trends are as follows

  • Using Multiple display platforms

Tylar Masters says that people just do not stick to a single piece of the device for entertainment. Previously, the television was popular among the masses, and people would only concentrate on them. Today, almost 40% of people are using smart phones and tablet computers while watching television. Tylar says that you should broadcast your advertisement on multiple platforms, in order to spread the message of the business among the masses. It may be a simple TV commercial or an inline ad in the smartphone app; multiple display platforms play a vital role in developing an aggressive marketing strategy.

  • Social media hash tagging

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are actively used by the people everywhere. They present a global platform to businesses for marketing their products. With ‘Mentions’ feature, in the Facebook, one can easily promote a business page or business website. Similarly, the hash tagging feature of Twitter makes any news item popular within hours or days. Tylar Masters says that you can promote business events and shows using the Social media websites, with minimum efforts.

  • Direct Mailers and News letters

People hardly read newspapers nowadays, and news-paper based advertising is the thing of the past. People prefer reading blogs and online news, and newsletters and RSS feed are becoming quite popular among the masses. Tylar Masters advises businesses to create blogs and newsletters for promoting new products and services. Similarly, the approach of direct mailing and email promotion is also gaining boom once again, owing to the increased internet crowd.