We live in the age of internet and computers. Every now and then, we hear about businesses going online, and new websites emerging in the market for selling a particular product or service. Currently, the internet has been crowded with millions of website, and if you are on the verge of launching a website for your business, then you should try knowing the totally new concept of Digital Marketing.
You may have heard of traditional marketing strategies, which involved using a dedicated sales force to generate leads. Door to door selling and making cold calls is the thing of the past. Hardly, people stay at home, and all you will find is a locked door, when you will go out to pitch your product. So, the best way is to pitch the product online. To achieve this task, Digital Marketing is the only solution. However, this field of marketing is completely new to people, and it is essential to know certain basics of it, before you move further to use it for promoting your business. Tylar Masters, President of Tylar & Company, a firm which deals with advertisement and digital marketing, explains that Digital Marketing is Marketing done online, using the internet and its tools.
She explains that you need a dedicated online platform, before you make your business digital. The basics of traditional marketing, which involved ad-tactics, crunchy taglines, likeable content and offers on products, still remain at the core of Digital Marketing. Changes are found only in the way they are implemented. Instead of posters and pamphlets, you will be using Mobile SMS and emails to advertise your product. Many of the Social media sites will act as your host for displaying advertisements to the people. Marketing campaigns will be carried, except that they will deal with online promotion of product instead of traditional ways.
Digital Marketing is broadly classified into 2 types – Push digital marketing and Pull digital marketing. The Push technique relies heavily on advertisements done online. You will have to use various online mediums to push the information of products to the customers. This broadly involves using SMS, email newsletters, RSS, blogs and articles. All the online published material becomes important in this area of marketing.
The Pull technique of marketing relies on pulling the customer towards your business. This relies heavily on direct communication between customer and sales people. Online chat, online offers, email marketing and social media chats play a vital role in this technique. It literally involves pulling the customer towards your business by providing attractive offers and active pitching.
Once you know the basics of Digital Marketing, you may proceed further to use it in business.