Every day I look at what I’m doing to promote my work and as much as I’d love to sit back and say, “Shew, I’m done” I never can. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my work, it’s that I’m never satisfied with the amount of work I’ve done. I feel like I can always do more.

That’s actually a good thing. Do you want to work with someone who is easily complacent or someone who is continuously striving to do more and do better? I have a lot invested in every project I work on and I know how important it is to succeed. If my work is never done for myself, my work is never done for my clients.

Does that mean I work beyond the contract for my clients at no additional cost? No, and yes. It means my clients’ success is always on my mind. Even when it’s done, it’s never done. The ideas continue to flow through my mind and I always share my thoughts and ideas with the client. Great marketing can’t be done. It’s never ending.