How fresh and clean is your website? Have you even looked at your website lately? It used to be that you should re-brand your company (images, slogans, logo, message, etc.) every SEVEN (yes, that’s 7) years. These days, 7 years is an eternity in marketing. We can thank the internet for that!

Think about all the changes we’ve seen in the past 7 years. Hello myspace (and goodbye myspace), facebook, linkedin, youtube, digg, twitter, blackberry, iPhone and HD screen laptops, not to mention how much the internet alone has propelled into our daily lives. I think it’s been 7 years since I picked up an actual phone book.

What does this mean? Yep, seven years is way too long to wait to update your marketing. Now, it’s safe to say at least every two years you need to re-evaluate where your marketing efforts exist. And if you’re someone like me, it’s more like every two months. Something new and exciting is always in my corner, and I’m always eager to beat the competition to get to it. That’s how I keep my business on top of the WWW.

Your website is your ultimate face. It’s how most people will find you today. There are so many factors that surround this, though. Let’s take a quick look at all of the factors that come into play when it comes to your internet marketing:

1. Search engine optimization: How are people finding you? Are you using the tools available to you? Are you getting any Google love? This is imperative to eyeballs.

2. Appearance: What do your visitors see when they get to your website? Colors that are appealing to their eyes? Text that is easy to read? A well designed layout?

3. Functionality: Is it easy to navigate through your website? Are links easy or difficult to find? Simple and easy is key, as people are inundated with congestion online and frankly, it sucks to be lost.

4. New: Is your site copy new and updated? How does it read to your audience? Do you talk about yourself too much? Is the content of your site targeted to a specific demographic only?

5. Purpose: Oh how e-commerce has changed our ways. I shop online for bed sheets. So, if you’re still in an un-e-commerce world with a product or service, you’re likely to be left behind my dear business owner. If the purpose of your business is to sell something that is purchase-able on another website, get with it and get an e-commerce, like pronto.

Last, and not least, update your website. If nothing else, update your website. It’s easier said that done if you have to take complicated measures to do this, like call up your design firm and pay a hefty price for a few changes. If you want to be able to update your website on your own in the future, the time is now to look into a CMS website (content management system). This means you update your site as often as you want (but at least once every two years, right?). If that’s what you want, and it pretty much should be, you’re in the right spot. That’s what we do at Kampaund Marketing. (PS – it’s affordable, too!)