Internet produced a big wave of curiosity and excitement among the people everywhere. However, it was soon exploited by the big cats of business, and we saw the great dot com bubble bursting several businesses and online web stores. It is the social media websites, which helped the internet to get the necessary attention back again. There are several social media websites, which exist on the internet today. Some of the popular social media websites include Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Tylar and Co, which deals with Digital Marketing, says that the big cats of businesses are actively targeting the social media website for spreading their business.
For your business to survive online, SEO and SEM is not enough. Social Media Marketing is the upcoming trend seen in spreading business online. Facebook is actively used for marketing online as it is used by several people around the world. Digital Marketing experts are using several kinds of methods for implementing a successful social media strategy for growing the business. However, not all of them are effective, and many of them do not include the latest updates from these websites. Facebook happens to be the key website among all the other social media websites present over the internet. It is huge and happening and is expanding its reach globally to everyone.
For implementing a successful social media strategy, here are a few updates for Facebook, which you should consider. This year, Facebook has been known to rollout several updates. Some of them are striking while others just manage to go with the breeze. Here are the latest updates
#Hashtags – Tylar and Co. says that the hashtags are the best for SEO purpose. By tagging a post with a particular tag, you can find it popping up readily in the search results.
Verified Pages – The verified pages feature of Facebook helps in building credibility of your business page, and has a potential to gain a substantial amount of followers. This keeps the fake pages in check, and helps in promoting genuine businesses online.
Promotion of Page Likes – Likes play an important role in page promotion. Now by spending money, one can generate genuine likes for pages, and attract considerable followers. This is similar to online marketing campaign held for sales of products.
Graph Search – To make this social media website more intuitive and fast, Facebook has recently released the Graph Search. With this search, you can skip the unwanted results, and readily switch to specific terms and requirements. Facebook has made it more visual, which makes this feature more interesting than the traditional search.
Tylar and Co. says that the combination of the above updates can easily help a business in promoting its products and services online.