Several businesses have flourished since the inception of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution gave rise to several products and services, and the marketing experts have been using different strategies and techniques to sell them to the people. Of all the strategies used to market the product, the most striking strategy is that of Advertising. Advertising plays a key role in improving the awareness of your products and services among the people. The period from the sixties to the nineties saw the spurge of the advertising industry. Cities were filled with creative and witty product advertisements, which caught the eyes of people instantly.

However, Tylar and Co., which deals in Digital Marketing and website designing, say that the physical form of advertising is slowly ceasing existence in the fast growing world of internet. Many businesses have now gone online, and people prefer buying products and services from them. People now use Social Media websites for getting in touch with each other, and typical advertising done using traditional media channels is slowly getting shadowed. Tylar and Co. say that online advertising, which was generalized with the beginning of the internet, has completely shifted focus. This divergence of focus has given rise to the 2 new advertising strategies, which are as follows.

Guerilla Advertising
This is a diversified way of advertising a product or a service. Instead of online, it is more of the offline venture, which involves making surprise stage encounters in public places, product giveaways, and tagging of vehicles with brand names. The basic idea behind this kind of advertising is only brand promotion, and this is done effectively by flashing the brand names on several objects. The flashy content helps the company to deliver their message to the public. Tylar and Co. say that this kind of advertising is gaining popularity among masses, and the spread has reached the internet with active polls about products on popular social networks. Guerrilla advertising is generalized form of marketing, which targets the entire public.

Niche Advertising
As the name suggests, niche marketing involves targeting a particular group of people or market. This is the only domain where ‘Targeted – ads’ are known to be given high importance. Tylar and Co. say that niche advertising helps businesses to reach the specific audience only, and this helps in getting better sales. Traditionally, the mass mailing approach was used to spread the message about a brand or a product. Today, the Newsletter approach has become popular. With this approach, only potential buyers get targeted, and lots of advertisement resources can be saved. One can choose a particular social network, or target a certain group for spreading the brand message.

These are the 2 leading trends in the field of advertising, which are currently followed by several businesses today.