For the growth of businesses, sales play a vital role. To achieve sales, advertising plays an important role as compared to any other activity. To spread awareness about the product or service among the masses, one needs advertising. Tylar and Co., which is an industry expert in the field of digital marketing and website designing, say that Advertising is the heart of any marketing strategy, and creativity is the implying factor for its success. As awareness among the masses continues to rise, advertising strategies are demanding a rapid change and have evolved greatly. Tylar and Co. say that many advertising strategies and models rise in the market. However, a few prevail and attain the much aspired success. Based on the recent studies and marketing updates, here are the 5 prevailing advertising trends, which you need to refer while planning your marketing strategy. The strategies are as follows.

  • Native Advertising

Introduced in September 2011 by a venture capitalist named Fred Wilson at OMMA Global, this advertising style has been catching buzz lately. The exact nature of this kind of marketing is not by masses. For those who know about it, they actively employ it by borrowing a block space in website or apps. The idea is to emphasize on the use of the product rather than the product itself. This kind of advertising is different and innovative as compared to the traditional mobile ads.

  • Triggered Advertising

This kind of advertising works when a consumer performs some action online. It is similar to native advertising; it works only when a user triggers some action. This kind of advertising is actively used over the internet, where users have a habit to do diversified searches. This kind of advertising attracts more lead-generating crowd as compared to the traditional form of advertisement. Appssavvy is one of the market leaders for spreading this kind of advertising in the market


  • Localized advertising

As mobile internet and apps are catching the market fast, Tylar and Co. says that it is necessary to do advertising for local areas. Google Maps have a provision of local restaurants, coffee shops, bars and several other recreational facilities. One can use this form of advertising for catching several leads from the local area.


  • Daily deals coupons

Nothing attracts people more than the crunchy numbers on the discount coupons or vouchers. To achieve good sales, one can publish several such discount coupons and vouchers. Groupon has been leading the market for the daily, weekly and monthly deals coupons. As more and more people turn towards ecommerce, this form of advertising is getting wider response.


  • Internet Blackout schemes

To promote brand names, several companies are now asking their social media followers to quit the social websites for a day. A prize is then given to one of followers, and the brand gets promoted indirectly. McDonalds use this strategy for improving sales in Dubai.