April 7, 2016 – Detroit, Mich.

Tylar & Company was honored to receive a digital award for Corp! Magazine’s annual DiSciTech competition. It was such a pleasure to share this experience at a breakfast ceremony at the Schoolcraft College VistaTech Center with colleagues, clients and friends.

In addition to a DiSciTech Award, Tylar & Company was also the winner of the digital overall category. With notable digital companies also up for this award such as Team Detroit and Elefant, it came as a surprise to Tylar Masters, president.

“What just happened?” said Masters. “The greatest award is the reward, we make our clients successful – that is what we do.”

Masters is an advocate for the growth of the city of Detroit. She moved her business downtown in the middle of the economic crisis for the sole purpose of bringing business into the city. And not just her own.

Tylar & Company focuses on bringing technology and entrepreneurship into Detroit by traveling and constantly talking about the perception of Detroit. “It works. People are curious about Detroit and what is happening here,” she said.

The majority of clients the Detroit based business has secured in its seven years in business are out of state or out of country. They love taking the positivity of Detroit to these outside areas and showing off what’s good in Detroit. While most people are hearing great things about the city’s new development, when something negative is said instead, Masters just simply replies, “we got this.”

‘We got this’ is what Tylar & Company stands for in general. The attitude says it all. We know where we are, where we’ve been, and we know what’s ahead. The past has not defined our present, and it certainly will not define our future.