‘Pictures speak louder than words.’ Following this ideology, graphic designers have been known to create catchy graphics, and dazzling artworks. As generations pass, the likes for pictures and designs keep on changing. So, graphic designers are constantly challenged in improving and demonstrating their artistic skills. Tylar and Co., which deals with graphic designing and digital marketing, says that graphics play a key role in developing fascinating websites.
Without graphics, websites are nothing but text banners posted on digital frames. Graphics add life to them, and help the websites to spread messages effectively. From colors to textures, to the layouts of graphics, every factor has an impact on the web design. By using these factors in several combinations, artists come up with fantastic designs, which soothe the eyes of online public. Here are the upcoming trends in graphic designing, which you should look at, before your graphic designers set out to craft meaningful pictures. The leading graphic designing trends are as follows

  • Use of trendy colors

There was a time when designers preferred using several blends of colors. Glass effects and 3D coloring was common, and the world favored the use of soft tones. All this changed in 2013. People are now embracing bold colors, and bright pallets are catching the eyes of designers and viewers. Blends have been replaced by solid fills, and several bolder and darker variations of colors are being actively used. Greyed jade, dusk Blue, poppy red, lemony yellow or emerald green are the color choices of the designers today.

  • Use of Illustrations

For spreading the business message loudly and effectively, graphic designers have resorted to ‘illustrations’. Previously, people preferred the use of stock images. However, stock images are known to carry copyrights at times, and are not sufficient enough in spreading the business message. Tylar and Co. says that Illustrations speak better than stock images. They are versatile and are created by an artist’s imagination. One of the added advantages to illustrations is the difficulty of duplication. So, you can create unique graphics for your business.

  • Use of Geometric shapes

Slowly and steadily, the round shapes and rounded icons are slowly getting disliked by the new generation. The release of Metro Theme has added fuel to it. Tylar and Co. says that geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, circles and polygons are getting popular among the designers. They easily hold the bold colors and simplify the looks and navigation of the website.

  • Minimalism

Gone are the days when designers filled the website with backgrounds, textures or designs. People now prefer using the cleaner and clearer interface, and text and graphics are kept to the minimum while including ample whitespaces. Tylar and Co. says that Minimalism is the new trend which helps in displaying the titles and messages effectively.