Real sleep by real simple

When I first began working with Real Sleep, it had essentially no digital following or brand awareness strategy. I got to work quickly (during my own wedding week) to create a marketing strategy for Real Sleep. Defining the audience as affluent women, and competing with big name competitors such as Purple, Leesa and Tuft and Needle, I knew there would be a lot of work involved to bring this mattress in a box company to the forefront of its target audience.

  • Social Video Campaigns 10% 10%
  • Photography 10% 10%
  • Creative Content 10% 10%
  • Social Media Marketing 30% 30%
  • Website Design 20% 20%
  • Search Engine Optimization 20% 20%

Budget Management

First, allocation of budget was assigned to each marketing opportunity. I structured an ad/marketing mix that allowed for a ‘shift’ whenever key opportunities were presented.

Creative Content

Each marketing effort was strategically crafted to engage with the target audience. By piggybacking on social influencers such as ‘moms behaving badly’ and ‘moms who love wine’, I was able to create the right message for website traction and sales.

Strategic Partnerships

I introduced Real Sleep to several partner brands, including Ava Bracelet (fertility bracelet) and the Carolina Panthers. Through these unique partnerships, Real Sleep was able to cross-market to a new female (and male) audience.

Target Audience R&D

By identifying the key audience as affluent women and busy moms, I created a strategy for brand awareness exposure to target demographics through the REAL SIMPLE (Time/Meredith Inc. publication) readership.

Website Design

The website needed a complete overhaul to include better imagery. I actually overhauled my office and home for a photo shoot. I created better web design elements portraying the Real Sleep brand mission – organic, cooling, comforting, etc.

Social Media Marketing

All of the Real Sleep marketing efforts were taken to social media – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter growth was literally in the thousands of percent. I increased conversation by over 500 percent.