Mayfield Athletics has two proprietary products that are revolutionary to the safety of football. I built a strategy that included social media marketing, creative messaging, SEO and increased exposure to organizations for B2B bulk orders.


The videos below are all my work (shooting, editing, production, effects and script/message).

  • Video Marketing Direction 40% 40%
  • Creative Content 15% 15%
  • Design 15% 15%
  • Social Media Marketing 30% 30%

Budget Management

First, allocation of budget was assigned to each marketing opportunity. I structured an ad/marketing mix that allowed for a ‘shift’ whenever key opportunities were presented.

Creative Content

All new initiatives were given strategically crafted content (photography, messaging, visual elements) to ensure a concise and clear understanding of the mission of S.A.F.E.Clip and Zuti Facemasks.

Video Marketing

I scripted, directed and produced a series of video marketing campaigns that included strong storytelling sequences, with highly emotional dialogue and tone.


By identifying key accounts and key contacts, I created a strategy for brand awareness exposure to notable high school, collegiate and professional organizations such as NFLPA, Trust, NFL, College Sports, etc.

Digital Marketing

Along with social media promotions, I wrote keyword relevant blog posts and circulated multiple press releases highlighting the innovative nature of Mayfield Athletics’ products.

Social Media Marketing

All of the marketing efforts aligned with a social strategy – to increase awareness, sharing and exposure. From LinkedIn to Instagram, I introduced S.A.F.E.Clip and Zutimask to the football community through unique messaging for its target audiences.


S.A.F.E.Clip has a broad B2C audience, however, most consumers do not know that football uniforms can be modified. My idea was to inform the B2C audience that face masks and face mask clips can be switched out, reducing the risk of injury – and at a fantastic price point. Because there is a lot of emotional discussion surrounding football related concussions, one of the video campaigns focuses on how “just one hit” can change the future of a young football player. By talking with parents of concussed football players, I directed and produced a video that clearly communicates the importance of the S.A.F.E.Clip product.

Additional videos were scripted, directed and produced to speak very poignant facts about concussions and the importance of football safety. After introducing S.A.F.E.Clip to a few high school football teams, she arranged for an interview style video shoot to collect real testimonials from players and coaches. The videos speak for themselves.

Creative Storyboarding

Creative Direction

Production Direction


Social media marketing was the main channel for which all B2C and B2B awareness was created. My efforts included implementation of all video campaigns, social designs, blog posts, influencer outreach and trending #concussion news topics.


Instagram Increase


Facebook Increase


LinkedIn Increase