• Video Marketing & Production 30% 30%
  • Creative Content 20% 20%
  • Design 20% 20%
  • Website Direction 15% 15%
  • Social Media Marketing 15% 15%

Budget Management

First, allocation of budget was assigned to each marketing opportunity. I structured an ad/marketing mix that allowed for a ‘shift’ whenever key opportunities were presented.

Creative Content

Each new asset was strategically crafted with content to ensure concise and clear understanding of the mission and brand.

Video Marketing

I scripted, directed and produced a series of video marketing campaigns that included strong storytelling sequences, mixed with awe inspiring cinematography.


By identifying key accounts and key contacts, I created a strategy for brand awareness exposure to notable automotive companies like Maserati, Bentley and Kia.

Design Implementation

From sales presentations to website, each property was given a fresh, modern design. I applied marketing psychology to each initiative so as to ‘keep’ the audience engaged with their individual visions.

Social Media Marketing

In the end, all of the marketing efforts aligned with a social strategy – to increase awareness, sharing and exposure. From LinkedIn to Instagram, I brought the client to the forefront of its competitors.