Tylar Paige is an advertising professional who is passionate about all things creative. She loves inspiring others through her writing, drawing, painting, and photography.

She was taught at any early age that love equaled hurt, rejection, abandonment, and betrayal. She has spent over twenty years overcoming challenges like childhood abuse, living in her car, being married to (and divorcing) a narcissist, and briefly dating an abusive man she filed domestic violence charges against.

Ty’s life experiences led her to self-discovery and self-love that she shares in her book, F*ck You, Watch This. The author’s debut memoir takes readers through her life stories and how she began dating herself, loving herself and traveling the world solo.

Tired of choosing the wrong men, she finally chose herself.

No matter the struggles her readers have gone through, she hopes to inspire others to challenge their core beliefs, take action, love themselves and find their own happiness.


You are beautiful and amazing inside and out!! I love watching how strong you have become. It has definitely inspired me! Keep doing you!

– Lindsay T., Arizona

You’re an amazing strong badass woman! I’m so proud of you, just wanted to let you know. I love seeing you win!

– Sue O., Florida

So proud of you for going on a huge solo trip! Proud of you for writing your book, that is a huge accomplishment.

– Ashley F., Michigan

Wow, what an incredible woman you are inside and out!!

– Christy W., West Virginia

I just wanted to let you know what an incredible person you are. You inspire me to take chances and let my soul lead the way. I stalk your travel adventures! You burn so bright, keep shining!

– Lisa P., Rochester

I admire you! You motivate me to do more and step out and live life.

– Ashley K., Nebraska