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When I was two years old, I told my mom I figured out the ‘mommy’ commercials come on during her soap operas and the ‘kid’ commercials come on during my cartoons. At nine years old, I convinced the local newspaper to let me write a weekly column for kids.

So you see, my natural passion for marketing began early! I’ve implemented successful marketing and advertising strategies for over 100 companies and global brands, resulting in exponential growth and increased profit margins.

My expertise in creative production and direction includes design, copywriting, photography, videography, content, conceptual collaboration, storytelling and website conversion. I have a deep understanding of how creative and strategic methodology play integral roles in the execution of a fantastic campaign.

I find ways for brands to stand out from the chaos, clutter and congestion through cross channel marketing experiences that evoke emotion and demand action. Whether an experiential, traditional or digital initiative, I fuse modern resources with future forward solutions. My mentality is a fearless one, where engagement meets disruption.

My professional character is fun, spirited, personable and naturally persuasive. I love working with people so I can channel my inner Chandler Bing. Because I’m ambidextrous, I offer a unique ability to deliver dynamism in creative backed by strategies and research data.

My work has won multiple awards, including a Forbes Business Marketing Global ACE Award. I am a 40 Under Forty and a 30 in their Thirties award recipient. I’m an avid speaker as well, sharing expert advice in content marketing, occasionally mixed with a little juvenile humor.

Art Direction

Brands need to reach their target audience with cleverly scripted, well designed and artfully directed advertising and marketing. Creative execution is the core of my existence.

Brand Strategy

Understanding a brand, its concept, initiatives and audience, I deliver unique strategies through multi-channel marketing campaigns – all while working within defined budgets.


I write creative slogans, calls to action, video scripts, campaign strategies, story brands, press releases and articles/blog posts. I’ve done this for some of the world’s most notable brands.



Whether a logo, exhibit space, layout, website or print ad, I have an eye for creating stunning audience-captivating visuals. I’ve even won awards for my creative strategy implementation.

Business Development

At the forefront of owning my own marketing agency is business development. I have a unique talent for persuasion and I’ve traveled relentlessly to secure new business across the globe.

My B2B close rate is over 90 percent.

Project Management

I’ve managed projects from implementation to execution. Whether assigning teams, initiatives, tasks or actionable items through deadline-oriented software, I have a 100% track record for meeting deadlines through team and project management.


I’m fearless when it comes to leading in a world of creative and strategy. My dynamic creativity has been honored with several awards, including four Corp Magazine awards, a Forbes Global ACE Award, a 30 in their Thirties Award, a 40 Under 40 Award, a feature in CEO Magazine and a spotlight in the Under 30 CEO publication.

Need a laugh? Watch my dog, Bula Kuechly get a poop & puke shame.

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